We’re still here, just very busy!

It’s being a long wait between our 2013 wines being sold out within weeks and the new vintage release. Finally, we sent a sample of La Pastorella 2014 this month to our distributor in VIC, accompanied by a bottle of a “mystery wine” – just for him to try, no intention to release to the market.

He took both wines on his tasting trip instead, and sold almost all of our reserves!

Hand-labeling and packing those wines isn’t exactly a dream job – but it is so satisfying to see the result of Stan’s passion, vision and determination to make wines his way, against conventions or preconceptions.

Our very talented winemaker’s recognition and popularity keeps growing – in a very crowded wine industry, alongside very powerful established players!

So, we can offer very limited quantities of La Pastorella 2014 and Cloudy Red (the “mystery wine”). Next month we plan to release two more wines: Tinto Rosso 2014 and Witchcraft 2014 – you are welcome to pre-order by email.

La Pastorella 2014
This is Stan’s best white wine yet! Crisp, refreshing, youthful! Unirrigated Semillon grown organically. A splash of Muscat of Alexandria. Fermented and matured in old French barrique. Wild yeast.

Up to 6 bottles per order only.

Cloudy Red
An accidental blend. It combines, by sheer luck, all the grape varieties that we grow, in a single wine. A hit in Melbourne restaurants, not least for its hand-written label – by the winemaker’s own hand!

Up to 6 bottles per order only.

Food pairings? Well – don’t be afraid to experiment. We love our wines with paella, but also with strawberry jam, and also with fish and chips or dolmates! The wines are just so versatile – they go well when reading a book, or when contemplating solutions to worlds’ problems or planning your next trip. As Lilly Bollinger famously said:

“I drink (wine) when I’m happy and when I’m sad. Sometimes I drink it when I’m alone. When I have company I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I’m not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise, I never touch it – unless I’m thirsty.”

And when listening to music of course, some suggestions include:

• La Pastorella 2014: Anouar Brahem’s Picnic at Nagpur

• Cloudy Red: Purcel’s “Music for a while” performed by L’Arpeggiata

We now accept credit card payments online, as well as EFT. Also, we offer free delivery within 10km of Adelaide CBD – so if you qualify, perhaps just email us your order to avoid shipping added automatically by the system.

Tell us about your experience of our wines and your prefered food or music pairings. Please feel free to forward this newsletter to your family, friends and colleagues.


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