A summary of winemaking methods

So true: “Old traditions in winemathe_real_wine_guyking have, unfortunately, been replaced by modern manipulations that render many wines alike”.

Here’s quick summary of the article by the Real Wine Guy: How to Make Natural Wine:

commercial winemaking organic / natural / biodynamic winemaking
  • commercial winemaking aims to produce consistent wine each year
  • use of pesticides in the vineyards is an acceptable and common practice
  • grapes are machine harvested
  • sulphur is added to kill any bacteria or unwanted yeasts
  • the winemaker selects a yeast to control the fermentation of the grapes
  • controls the flavours and aromas of the wine
  • gum arabic can be added to round out tannins
  • acetaldehyde for colour stabilization
  • dimethyl dicarbonate (DMDC) to sterilise and stabilise the wine
  • sulphur added (the only additive allowed to be listed on the wine label) as a preservative
  • no chemical pesticides, fungicides or herbicides are used in a natural wine vineyard
  • a natural winemaker will always harvest by hand
  • the grapes will be left to ferment with native yeasts (yeasts that are everywhere; on the grapes, airborne and in the winery)
  • natural winemakers will NEVER add a yeast to begin the fermentation
  • some may add a bit of sulphur – about 10% of the allowable sulphur dioxide levels
  • natural wine makers do not filter – they take nothing from the wine