Our story

Growing grapes and making wine – the natural way

In 2006 we bought a small 28 acres property in Barossa Valley, South Australia, with a very neglected vineyard. It took some time and hard work to bring back the vigor in the 6 acres vineyard with its 90-year-old Grenache, Semillon, and Muscat vines, and to plant some new grape varieties: Mataro and Saperavi. You can flip through our photobook, to see our progress. “Us” is a two-people team, Stan and Nelly:


Stan is the winegrower and winemaker

multi-talented and always optimistic, a passionate grape-grower and winemaker, wine and music lover, audio enthusiast

“Great wine is made in the vineyard” – totally chemicals-free vineyard, that is! Stan only sprays the vines with tea from compost, herbs and seaweed, and prunes by hand, observing favorable moon cycles. At harvest we hand-pick the grapes, then process them in our winery on the same day.


Stan follows the most strict natural winemaking methods. As our organically grown grapes have everything  that wine needs, “nothing is added, nothing is taken away”.

Our grapes-only, authentic wines are elegant and expressive, with no added sulfates or any other preservatives. Not even at bottling! There are no additives to manipulate the wine’s taste or flavor, no filtering, no fining.

The wines quietly ferment in beewax lined clay pots while wild yeasts do their magic, and mature in old oak, listening to music all the time – as Stan’s love for wine is only matched by his love for music!


Nelly is the endless-projects-manager

wedding planner and organiser, vineyard helper, grape picker, wine bottles washer, office and website admin

A keen and proud gardener, Nelly is forever planning, planting and coordinating – yet another new garden, a wedding ceremony, ponds from recycled materials, a trip overseas …

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