Introducing Tinto Rosso 2017!

Tinto_Rosso_2017_natural_wine_Mill_About_VineyardHere we’re presenting the 2017 vintage of our signature red natural wine: Tinto Rosso!

A total of 50 cases to be released on 1 July. We offer free delivery in Australia.

It is soft and velvety, with a delicate berry-fruit aroma – very drinkable and sociable!

Instead of going into too much pre-determined “notes” – we’ll leave it to you, the wine lover, to decide what flavours you can taste in the Tinto Rosso 2017.

Like all our wines, Tinto Rosso 2017 is vegan-friendly, made with organically-grown grapes, with no chemical input whatsoever in the vineyard or in the winery.

No preservatives are added in our wines, nor are any other enhancing additives; we don’t employ any wine-manipulation techniques. Not filtered, not fined.

In other words – as we’ve described our wines before: “nothing added, nothing taken away”!

The Tinto Rosso is made from single-vineyard grapes – that is, our own Grenache and Mataro grapes, with a touch of Separavi that started to bear fruit in the last few years.

Did you know that the Grenache grapes in our wines come from our 100+ year-old Grenache block?

This is what you”ll experience drinking the Tinto Rosso 2017: Barossa history, healthy soil, love and respect for nature, honesty, and true natural winemaking art!

You an enjoy Tinto Rosso 2017 on its own – have it as a wonderful “end-of-a-long-day” glass of wine, and of course it’s a tasty food companion: try it with a warm meal, with a pinch of spice.

We love it with pasta, paella, moussaka, thyme-and-garlic lentils, … oh, it’s a long list of dishes that will go beautifully with Tinto Rosso 2017!

RRP $30 per bottle, discounts apply for 12 or more bottles.

Delivered free in Australia!

Contact us to register your interest early as we’re only releasing 50 cases!

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