Why Mill About Vineyard’s low-intervention wines are unique

low-intervention wine tinto rosso, unique natural wineWe make boutique, premium low-intervention wines

Many small wineries use similar wording to describe their wines – so how are we different?

Did you know that:

  1. Mill About Vineyard makes THE ONLY Barossa natural wines that are exclusively single-vineyard – made from our own organically-grown, fully chemicals-free grapes.
    VS: many “natural winemakers” buy the grapes – either all, or to top up their own. This is a significant difference, as bought grapes are most often grown conventionally: liberally sprayed with chemicals, machine-harvested etc – something that is against the genuine natural winemaking philosophy
  2. Our wines are “both grown AND made organically” and are true representation of the land/earth/soil (terroir) in Mill About Vineyard. Stan is not only a grape grower or only a wine maker, he is a “wine grower”!
    VS wines that are made by contracted winemakers who don’t have the intimate knowledge of the grapes and the vineyard  that a wine grower has
  3. Mill About Vineyard’s wines are THE ONLY Barossa natural wines made with strictly absolutely no additives of any kind! Stan has been uncompromising about his natural winemaking, accepting fully the risk of “no-preservatives added”, and still making exceptional wines.
    VS most natural winemakers add at least some sulfites at bottling. While this is accepted as an ok practice, not many (if anybody) have been prepared to take the risk of adding zero sulfites (SO2)
  4. Mill About Vineyard’s winemaking flowcharts offer a clear picture of our differences, especially to people in the wine industry like our clients. As well as technical info, they are a “grape-to-glass” factual summary of what’s going on in the vineyard and in the winery.
    Technical wine specs are common – however the difference is the full disclosure about what is and what is not in the wine!
  5. Talking about differences, Mill About Vineyard’s wine labels list ALL ingredients in our wines.
    VS lack of full list of everything that’s in other wines, in addition to grapes.