Mill About Vineyard: winemaking flowcharts

View the winemaking flowcharts – a one-age summary of our work in the vineyard and in the winery

Mill About Vineyard - winemaking flowcharts, grape mustWe developed the winemaking flowcharts to offer an easy to understand illustration of how we make our no-preservatives, vegan-friendly natural wines.

It will be of interest to people who love wine and want to learn about the “grape-to-glass” work behind the wine label.

They will also be of interest to professionals in the wine industry as the winemaking flowcharts provide precise, factual technical information about our winemaking process.

Most importantly: we wanted to demonstrate what we mean by saying “nothing added, nothing taken away in our wines“. 

These winemaking infographics present a full disclosure about what is and what is not in our wines.

We invite all winemakers – big and small, to do the same and offer a full disclosure about all ingredients in their grapes and wines!

Please feel free to download Mill About Vineyard’s winemaking flowcharts below, and to contact us with any questions.

Tinto Rosso winemaking flowchart

Ambrato winemaking flowchart

Barrica Rose winemaking flowchart