The Advantage of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is a flat surface of synthetic fibres laid to appear like natural grass. It’s most frequently used in sports arenas for either outdoor or indoor sports, which are usually played outdoors or are otherwise played on normal grass. But it’s also being used in many commercial and residential applications, including commercial golf courses. If you’ve always wanted to play on a green but the only thing standing in the way is real, artificial grass may be the ideal solution for you. Here’s how artificial grass works.

artificial grass BrisbaneMost artificial turf lawns in artificial grass Brisbane are designed with a pre-manufactured pattern of stripes and other patterns which allow the grass to mimic the look and feel of real grass. The exact grass type used depends on the application, the space available, and the final goal. For example, in a sports arena, the athletic fields are typically covered with synthetic grass and may have different play and obstacles for different sports.

There are several different kinds of artificial turf, each providing its advantages. Turf used indoors is more delicate than an outdoor variety, requiring a very delicate installation and careful attention to detail. It makes indoor artificial turf a less attractive option than the one that is installed outdoors. A major benefit of installing artificial turf indoors is that the maintenance level is greatly reduced. With indoor artificial grass, the fibres are pre-coated with rubber or plastic sealers that mean there’s no need for watering or mowing.

Another major advantage of artificial grass in artificial grass Brisbane is that the blades are made using UV resistant material. UV resistance means that the blades won’t wear down or even get damaged by direct sunlight, heat, cold or even snow and ice. It is important because homeowners who live in areas with harsh weather conditions will no longer have to buy protective covers for their lawns every time there’s a heavy frost or dew. The UV resistant material also ensures that the blades will cut more cleanly through tough weather conditions.

Another advantage of artificial grass is that it can be designed and installed to resemble any natural grass, from a small lawn with just a few blades to an elaborate lawn complete with numerous blades and edges. Even though artificial grass can be designed and installed in a way that closely resembles natural grass, many artificial turf companies still supply customers with custom-designed artificial grass installations. It means that artificial turf can be set up in a way that is most similar to real grass but with all of the extra features and benefits that artificial grass provides, such as UV resistance and moisture control. Artificial turf companies commonly work with professional landscape architects to create custom designs for artificial grass lawns.

One major concern for homeowners is the appearance of artificial grass compared to natural grass, which some people consider to be unattractive and look like itchy smelly “blob grass”. However, studies have shown that the so-called thatch layer found in real grass is a protective blanket that helps the grass sustain its lifespan. The thatch layer is made up of dead plant material present in natural grass, which gives artificial grass its all-natural look. The all-natural look is achieved by the grass’ natural biological system, which helps the grass replenish itself by taking away dead plant material each year.