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Why Mill About Vineyard’s low-intervention wines are unique

We make boutique, premium low-intervention wines Many small wineries use similar wording to describe their wines – so how are we different? Did you know that: Mill About Vineyard makes THE ONLY Barossa natural wines that are exclusively single-vineyard – made from our own organically-grown, fully chemicals-free grapes. VS: many “natural winemakers” […]

Mill About Vineyard: winemaking flowcharts

View the winemaking flowcharts – a one-age summary of our work in the vineyard and in the winery We developed the winemaking flowcharts to offer an easy to understand illustration of how we make our no-preservatives, vegan-friendly natural wines. It will be of interest to people who love wine and […]

Introducing Tinto Rosso 2017!

Here we’re presenting the 2017 vintage of our signature red natural wine: Tinto Rosso! A total of 50 cases to be released on 1 July. We offer free delivery in Australia. It is soft and velvety, with a delicate berry-fruit aroma – very drinkable and sociable! Instead of going into […]

Photo album

Here we’re sharing photos of our property in the Barossa, taken over the years – via a link to our photo album hosted on Google. We’re adding photos to the album all the time, so make sure to visit it often. Mill About Vineyard changes constantly – with the season, with […]