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Silver medal for our Tinto Rosso!

We are very proud with our recent achievement! Mill About Vineyard’s Tinto Rosso 2016 has been awarded 90 points and a silver medal! The award certificate comes from the Wine Showcase Magazine, and will be followed by an article in the next year’s edition. Here’s a little bit about the […]

Our grapegrower and winemaker

Barossa’s best kept secret: grapegrower and winemaker: Stan! He’s is fiercely independent and true to his winemaking philosophy: no chemicals in the vineyard; nothing added, nothing taken away in the winery. The Mill About wines have no additions, no artificial yeasts, no added sulfites at any point and no fining […]

Everything you wanted to know about natural wine

Yet another article on natural wine – it does a good job of describing it and dismissing the notion of “confusion” around it: “What is natural wine? For some unknown reason, just about every story on this topic tends to begin with the author or an interview subject stating how […]

Our story

Growing grapes and making wine – the natural way In 2006 we bought a small 28 acres property in Barossa Valley, South Australia, with a very neglected vineyard. It took some time and hard work to bring back the vigor in the 6 acres vineyard with its 90-year-old Grenache, Semillon, and Muscat vines, and […]

How is wine made? Knowing the basics will open door to deeper discussion

A quick look at the stages and processes of winemaking – from fermentation in various vessels (stainless steel, wood, clay, cement) using cultured or wild yeasts, to fining and filtration. Mill About Vineyard’s wines are made with wild yeasts only, in oak barrels or clay pots, and are not fined […]