The Advantages of Climat Ducted Air Conditioning Adelaide – Why You Should Make the Switch

Are you frustrated with your window air conditioners not giving enough cooling around your room? Does your reverse cycle air conditioner constantly make you choke due to the dry air it produces? Are you tired of these air conditioning systems? Well, wait right there because there’s still hope. If you’re interested in making the switch now, we can offer you the Climat ducted air conditioning unit. Sophisticated and high-performing, the ducted air conditioner has it all. Continue reading to discover some of its advantages.


Great for Cooling Large Spaces

One of the main reasons to consider ducted air conditioning is its ability to cool large homes or spaces. It also offers fast cooling. That means with ducted air conditioner; you can expect instant cooling in minutes. With a simple touch of a button, you can achieve total cooling comfort and relaxation. The power of this system also allows the user to cool a space extensively without having to go to each room to turn on the wall units. This system is controlled by a central thermostat, allowing a completely controlled cooling that can provide instant coolness to any space.


Great for Large Residential Homes with Multi-levels

Since it’s a great air conditioning unit for large homes, the Climat ducted air conditioning Adelaide unit is also an ideal option for a home with multiple levels. That means if you own a three-story home or building, ducted air conditioning is the best choice for you. Each duct is practically seamless, offering an easy system of cooling that can be isolated based on the room as needed. For instance, if you or your guests are enjoying a good meal in the living area, you can focus the cooling on this area through the zone feature on the thermostat. That means while it can cool an entire home all at once, it can also provide cooling on particular zones. Not only will this provide comfort and convenience but will also help save money on your monthly electric bill.


Blends in with the Property

Another great feature of ducted air conditioning is its discreteness. When installed in your house, the ducts are so subtle that you won’t even notice that they’re there. So, whether you mount your ducts on the ceiling or the floor, it will be seamless as not to disrupt with the overall concept and design of your house. Despite that, you will feel its presence once you turn it on as it will provide a controlled cooling throughout the entire space.


With the Climat ducted air conditioning Adelaide system, you can have full control of your cooling needs. So what are you waiting for? Make the switch now! Call our hotline for more information. You can also visit our website to browse our ducted air conditioners and get the best deals.