ClearCorrect – How Does It Work?

ClearCorrect is a new non-invasive dental system that straightens smiles without using metal braces or brackets. Unlike traditional braces, ClearCorrect does not require the wearer to wear brackets. Instead, it uses clear aligners that move teeth into place, similar to an invisible pair of shoes. In addition, unlike metal braces, there is no need for brackets to be installed.

DentalExcellence ClearCorrectDentalExcellence Clear Correct offers a simple and affordable alternative to braces. Unlike metal braces, which often require multiple visits to the dental office, Clear Correction only requires one treatment, usually in the dentist’s chair. With regular dental cleanings and examinations, the treatment process typically takes just a few months. Plus, patients can have up to six aligners replaced with each visit.

In starting the treatment, your tooth will be cleaned to remove plaque. After the cleaning is complete, your aligners will be applied, and an anti-plaque liquid is applied to help them stay strong. It takes just a few seconds to put on the clear braces, and they are virtually invisible under make-up. In addition, these clear braces are comfortable to wear, so you won’t even notice them under your favourite costume on Halloween.

Once the teeth have been cleaned, and an impression is taken (which allows the dentist to create a digital image of your teeth), an Invisalign treatment will be applied. If you choose to use Invisalign aligners, you will return to your dentist for an adjustment. An experienced dentist will customize your treatment plan so that you get the best results. If you decide not to wear Invisalign aligners, your dentist may also provide you with a treatment plan that includes bonding.

The DentalExcellence ClearCorrect treatment comes in two applications: one-visit and two-visit. With one visit, you will visit your dentist every four months for a consultation. The dentist will place clear aligner devices underneath your lower and upper teeth during your first visit regularly, and a trained dental technician will apply the aligners. Then, you will return for a second visit every six months.

If you have a crossbite or an open bite, your dentist will probably need to perform a consultation with you. In these cases, the dentists will apply precise corrective aligner devices to your teeth and possibly perform a mini-bite study to see if you have any differences in the shape of your teeth from the inside or outside. If there is a difference, the dentist will probably recommend you to complete a standard treatment.

The ClearCorrect services come in various packages. They include clear correcting braces, clear correcting veneers, bonding, and precise corrective crowns. Clear correcting braces treat minor manual corrections, while veneers correct more severe manual corrections such as overbite or crossbite, and bonding corrects open bites or other forms of accidental bruises.

If you have perfectly straight teeth but would like to have slightly bent ones, you can consider using the ClearCorrect. The clear aligner braces align your teeth exactly as they should be. For example, if you have an open bite, the braces align your teeth so that your front teeth line up with your back teeth. These are the main advantages of ClearCorrect. In addition, because it offers the convenience of fitting into your lifestyle, you can straighten teeth at home with the help of ClearCorrect.