Features That Are Included With an EMS Machine

As with all exercise machines, there are some EMS device uses and benefits that you can expect. Before you buy one, however, you must become familiar with exactly what an EMS machine is and how it works to make an informed decision. Here are a few of the main EMS uses that people purchase them for.

To begin with, EMS machines offer a great way to not only work out but also to get in shape and develop your core muscles. As a result, many athletes purchase EMS devices to help them stay in shape throughout the year. The reason is that while a gym will allow you to work out, it may be a bit more challenging to keep up the level of conditioning that you would get at home using a machine. Therefore, athletes specifically use most EMS devices to help them maintain the proper levels of fitness.

Some other uses for electronic muscle stimulation are helping to rehabilitate injuries and healing from them. One such use is in the area of physical therapy. Using an EMS device on the injured area will aid in improving blood flow and energy to the area. This can make for a very positive difference in the healing process when compared to traditional methods. Not only is it helping to make the injury better, but it can increase the amount of function that the area can handle, making it easier to get back to normal use of the joint in the area.

Another EMS device used to treat patients who are suffering from conditions such as MS, epilepsy or other problems associated with the nervous system is called an EMS unit. An EMS unit or electrotherapy unit is a handheld electronic device that can directly provide electric current to muscles and other body parts to induce a contraction. These units were not available for use by physicians until the late nineteen seventies when medical student George Grisso developed and tested what we now know as an EMS unit. The electric current provided to the muscles helps relax the muscles so that they can heal more effectively. In addition to the electric current being used to relax the muscles, EMS devices stimulate the nerves to promote the healing process by releasing natural pain signals sent to the brain through the electrodes. These natural pain signals are called stimuli.

The EMS device known today come in two forms. First, there are direct current and tens machines. The tens machines are the standard equipment that doctors use for providing the electric current to the patient. These units are often built into the operating room and can be left there during the entire time the patient is in the operating room. The direct current EMS device is portable and is usually used outside of the hospital on patients who do not need to be intubated and do not have any medical problems. These units are designed to work by supplying short bursts of direct electrical current to the muscles.

When you are purchasing a tens unit for your home, there are a few features that you will want to make sure that you are buying. The first thing you will want to make sure that you are buying is a device certified by the American Registry of Medical Devices. The American Registry of Medical Devices does not sell EMS units, but they provide testing information needed for consumers to buy the right unit. The American Registry should also approve the safety amplitude knobs that are included with your EMS unit. These safety amplitude knobs allow you to set a smaller amount of voltage at any given time to help reduce the chances of an electrical shock.