Mill About Vineyard experience autumnWe offer unique vineyard and wine experiences on Saturdays (by appointment)

Come along for an informal “show & tell” about the “secrets” of natural winegrowing and winemaking, and taste the best natural wine Barossa has to offer!

Meet with Stan, grape-grower and winemaker, who will tell you about his natural winemaking philosophy and methods.  He will tell you the story of each wine, from the grape bunch to the glass,. He  may also suggest music pairings for each wine – as his passion for natural winemaking is only matched by his passion for music!

Our property is wheelchair-accessible.

1 hour Intro to natural winemaking + vineyard tour + wine tasting

$30 (price per person, min 2 people)

Natural winemaking is a centuries old tradition that has become the “new black” in today’s wine world. While a few years ago it was referred to as “witchcraft” by some wine critics, natural wines are gaining huge popularity across the world and changing the game for the better. Book now, and find out:

  • how many and what kind of chemicals are allowed and present in your “regular” wines – get some facts and figures
  • what are the differences between “natural”, “organic”, and “biodynamic” wines? Are natural wines vegan-friendly? Come and find out
  • why we only make wines from hand-picked grapes from our own vineyard, and use a traditional basket press, clay pots, and old oak barrels
  • learn about the 8,000+ year-old Georgian tradition of fermenting and ageing wine in “qvevri”, and how we’ve adapted this winemaking method at Mill About Vineyard
  • taste our wines – to get the full experience of learning about, and tasting the most genuine, premium natural wines that Barossa has to offer
  • includes a vineyard tour: learn about our 90 year-old vineyard “before & after”, grape selection reasons, grapes’ characteristics; vines planting progress. Learn about our organic vineyard management and sustainable land care.

Visitors (min 2 max 10)*:

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