Types of Men’s Shoes to Choose

Men’s shoes have always been a part of a smart-casual wardrobe. As you might know, the shoe industry is vast, and there are tons of different brands and types of shoes for both men and women.

Mens shoes AustraliaMens shoes Australia can come in just about any colour and material you can think of, including leather, canvas, rubber, and other fabrics that are popular today. Men’s shoes can be expensive or affordable depending on what you want, and you can find different styles and designs in different price ranges. For some people, cheap is the way to go for shoes, but others would rather pay a little more and get something that makes an impression. You can find tips for buying men’s shoes below.

Leather shoes are an excellent choice for men who aren’t looking for traditional shoes. You can find leathers in some different price ranges if you aren’t trying to spend a lot, so there is a shoe out there for every man. If you are going for a more innovative casual look, leather is a great option. Leather is less likely to show dirt and stains to be used in casual business situations. They don’t have to be boring black leather shoes, though.

Oxfords are a popular Mens shoes Australia, especially for informal dress shoes. They come in various styles and colours, but the Oxfords are dressier and more stylish than the slip-on variety. Oxfords are more likely to be made with a stiff fabric, which helps the shoe last longer. You can also get Oxford shirts to match your Oxfords if you aren’t going that formal, though you may want to be more conservative with your blazers.

The Oxfords and wingtips are not meant for dress shoes, but most men love the styling of wingtips. Wingtips are very comfortable and more accessible to walk in. They also give the appearance that you have extra arch support because the shoe is so close to your foot. The best feature of wingtips is they are more casual than Oxfords but not too casual to wear to a golf course.

Ballet flats are more casual yet still smart enough to be a great addition to any smart-casual wardrobe. They are incredibly comfortable and are perfect for dance classes and just hanging out around the house. Men love them because ballet flats are incredibly easy to walk in and still be ultra-comfortable. They don’t have as much of an edge as a leather shoe would, so they are not as likely to crack or become damaged as a sharp leather shoe would.

Another shoe that can easily be added to your smart-casual wardrobe is a pair of brown leather shoes. These are just as comfortable as Oxfords or wingtips, and most companies make both of these shoes. These are just as common as Oxfords and wingtips but a lot less expensive. A brown leather shoe is perfect for a day in the office or just out shopping. They pair well with a grey or black shirt but can also be paired with a red shirt if you want a splash of colour. Pair a light-coloured shirt with a pair of black leather shoes, and you have an easy-going casual outfit.

A great shoe that is just as comfortable as a leather dress shoe but doesn’t have as much of an edge is the monk strap shoe. There aren’t many types of leather dress shoes that have as much flair as these shoes. The monk strap shoe has become a favourite among many of the younger generations. You can find them with different coloured straps, but the most popular colours are black and brown.