A New Roof or a Roof Repair Job: Know What It is That You Need!

Can’t seem to decide whether you need a new roof or just a roof repair Adelaide job? If you have a leaky ceiling or found parts of your roof in the neighbour’s yard after a torrential storm, then you should really speak to a professional!



Initially, it may seem cheaper to have some repair work done, but if your roof has reached the end of its life, a repair job may end up being more expensive in the long run.


If, however, your roof is in pretty good condition, doing needed repairs now can extend the life of your roof and help you save money. Now comes the puzzle, how do you determine what you really need?


You may not be able to climb onto your roof for an inspection, but you can surmise quite a lot from what is going on inside your home or take a look at the part of your roof that is visible from your driveway or street. There will be tell-tale signs there that could help guide you.


Obviously, if you’ve found parts of your roof on the ground after a windstorm and you can stand outside your house and see parts of your roof that had come off, even without binoculars, then you’re probably looking at a roof that needs more than your routine TLC.


From inside your home, you can do visual roof inspections starting with the attic if there is one. If the ceiling is damp, stained or damaged, take a look at the extent of the damage. Is it in a small area of the ceiling or has it extended to a large part of the attic? If water leaks through a damaged flashing or has raised your roof tiles somewhat, it is likely to have sustained enough damage.


Check the walls of the house for moisture, blisters, and water damage. If your wallpaper is peeling or you have mould on the walls, it may have a source of moisture that feeds from behind the walls near where the roof leaks.


Again, if the damage is confined to a limited area of your home, you may only have to deal with a roof repair job. The most widespread damage is often an indicator of the need for a new roof.


A roofing contractor, of course, can climb onto the roof itself and do more thorough inspection work. The most common areas where leaks happen will be near the flashing or loose roof tiles that have come up creating a way for water to enter and wreak havoc.

Your roofing contractor will climb up to the roof and be able to do a much more thorough assessment than your visual inspection from a safer distance. His findings will be a great help to you to enable you to make a wise decision about whether you need a new roof or just a roof repair Adelaide to make it through another rainy season.