Stump Removal: What Are Your Options?

Stump removal can become complicated for homeowners who have trees and shrubs in their yards. When these plants begin to droop and die, they often leave large, dark chunks of wood behind. They can even grow deeper, which makes it more difficult to extract the wood from the ground. It is where a stump remover can come in handy. These machines are designed to cut down these dead or decaying trees and shrubs in your yard.

Stump Removal AdelaideStump grinders can either be the standard size of a lawnmower or as big as a large truck. Often, most accomplish their job through a high-speed chain with large teeth that grinds into the ground and drags roots out to small chips. However, there are several different methods for stump removal, including the following:

If you choose to go with a stump grinding machine, there are several things you need to consider before buying one. For starters, you need to ensure it is large enough to handle the amount of roots you will be dealing with in your yard. Also, if you plan to use the stump removal machine in wet areas, you will likely need a power source.

Stump grinding, courtesy of Tree Ninja is most commonly used on larger branches and trees. However, smaller branches, grass, and small trees can also be removed using this method. The process works best when working on larger areas difficult to access by a stump removal machine or a person. It is not uncommon to be able to dig up an entire yard of any size without any problems. In other cases, it may just be a matter of getting creative.

One way to get rid of roots is by using a trimmer. It is usually the easiest way to get rid of tree roots as the only tool you need is a regular pair of garden shears. Using a trimmer effectively takes out the entire thick trunk of the tree, and it can also help get rid of the largest pieces of dead matter. When the trunk is removed, it is usually possible to do the entire job with a small piece of equipment known as a stump kicker.

Old stumps can also be removed by another method known as root stripping. If you are attempting to remove an old stump from your yard, chances are it will be a tough little thing to remove. Roots in any environment are very difficult to get rid of. A root stripping machine can make removing old stumps much easier than if you try to dig them up manually. Roots in even the tightest places can easily become a nightmare if you have no experience removing them.

Tree removal companies like Tree Ninja will often offer stump grinding as a service. Grinding is a great way to get rid of the tough outer roots and any other roots that may be on the surface. A stump grinder will use sharp metal blades to cut away at the tough outer layers of the stump while it is inside your ground. After the stump has been cut away, the machine will slowly grind away the inner layers of the wood until it is finally smooth and level. It ensures that the stump is completely level when it is placed in your new location. Grinding can take quite a bit of time, however, so it may not be the best option for getting rid of old stumps.

Stump Removal Adelaide companies that offer stump grinding services should be able to give you a detailed estimate over the phone or the internet. If you decide to have your stump grinder, you should remember a few things to ensure it is done properly. You should only take care of paying the fee if the job is done the first time correctly. Also, you need to be careful of how much wood is being cut away from your yard. Always contact a reputable company before trimming any more wood from your yard.