Mill About Vineyard Wedding Ceremony: select extra options

In addition to your Wedding Ceremony package, we can offer you optional extra services before and during your wedding ceremony. Please select: (required fields are marked *)

Drinks: * Serving of drinks after the Wedding Cceremony: Mill About Vineyard wine, BYO beer & softdrinks ($50 per hour, 1 person serving up to 50 guests, 2 people serving up to 100 guests

If "yes", how many bottles of wine @ $20 per bottle (40% off RRP)? (a bottle has approx 5 glasses of wine)

Other drinks: * Do you want us to buy & deliver beer, softdrinks & ice for you? (at cost, plus 1 hour charged, $50 per hour) yesno

If "yes", what amount you authorise us to spend on beer, softdrinks & ice for you?

Decorating: * Would you like us to decorate the venue for you, as per your specifications? (at cost, plus $50 per hour, min 2 hours) yesno

Flowers: * Would you like us to create the flower designs for your Wedding Ceremony? (at cost, plus $50 per hour, min 2 hours)
yes, venue flower decorations only (flower arrangements placed as per your specification)yes, all flower decorations, including bride's and bridal party bouquets & groom's boutonnieresno

Extra time: * Do you wish to add extra time (up to 2 hours) at Mill About Vineyard, $250 per hour? yes, 1 hour extrayes, 2 hours extrano

* Date of wedding ceremony * Time of wedding ceremony [time* timeofceremony time-format:HH:mm] * Number of guests
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